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Even the UK government knows it... the future is green energy at home

As the pressure grows on business and governments to tackle climate change, not a week goes by without another report on what we should be doing to reduce our carbon footprint. But the truth is, whether it's to save the planet or just save money... green energy is the way forward for all of us.

The old fossil fuels are being phased out:

Time to embrace eco-energy

The UK government's own independent committee on climate change has just issued a statement recommending measures to try and help the UK meet its green targets. They even go as far as saying all new build houses should be 'off the gas grid' and using only 100% renewable energy sources.

The key facts: -

  • 14% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions come from homes (with traditional boilers a factor)
  • Many new homes are poorly constructed and aren't fit for the challenges of climate change
  • People are paying much more for their fuel bills than they should be
  • Existing housing stock is also not as energy-efficient as it could be

The key recommendations: -

  • Use renewable energy-efficient power sources in homes
  • Reduce reliance on traditional gas, move to induction hobs and heat pumps
  • Extend government 'help-to-buy' funding schemes to 'help to insulate' funding
  • Take measures to reduce indoor moisture, improve air quality and increase water efficiency

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