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Everyone's flocking to Thermafleece® CosyWool Insulation – and you should too

At The Energy Saving Store, we love insulation. We could talk it about until the cows come home!

But it's sheep that play the starring role in Thermafleece® CosyWool insulation – it's the best British sheep's wool that make it such an amazing performer. That's why we're proud to recommend it – and we’re here to help you take advantage of its benefits.

A sheep with it's coat dyed in a Union Jack pattern AI generated image - no sheep were actually dyed like this!

With insulation, you're looking for some very important key qualities: safety, durability, absorbance, and long-lasting thermal and acoustic performance.

Thermafleece® CosyWool ticks all those boxes and more. In fact, research has shown that their mix of 75% British sheep's wool mixed with 25% recycled fibres actually outperforms alternative insulation products.

All the wool used in Thermafleece® sheep's wool insulation comes from British flocks, roughly split between England, Scotland and Wales. These sheep run free on the mountains and fells and are brought down to lower lying land in the winter. They are not housed indoors although in lambing season the ewes may be brought under cover to protect them. All the wool clip comes from live sheep that are shorn in the spring of each year. All wool is purchased through British Wool which is the government agency that manages the supply of all British wool bought and sold within the UK.

Both British Wool and Thermafleece® take animal welfare very seriously. You can find information on animal welfare on the British Wool web site: .

Why choose Thermafleece® CosyWool from The Energy Saving Store?

Safe-to-handle, long-lasting, delivering enhanced indoor performance over time.

Easy-to-transport, quick and simple to install / fit, retains thickness when unpacked.

Breathable natural fibres regulate moisture and humidity for healthier environment.

Sustainable recyclable product, high carbon capture qualities, reduces CO2 emissions.

Affordable through minimising up-front costs… and pays for itself in energy savings.

Roof, walls, floors and acoustic – Thermafleece® CosyWool does it all

I've been working with energy-saving insulation products for decades. But I safely say that Thermafleece® CosyWool is – through its unique mix of British sheep's wool and recycled fibres – a stand-out performer for insulation across a wide range of property needs.

David MorrisonFounder and Owner, The Energy Saving Store

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