What Our Customers Say

I am so pleased I won this Home Energy Report. David was so helpful, professional, and knowledgable with his advice and recommendations. Not to mention getting replacement bulbs, tips and ideas that will be extremely helpful to us. Thank you so much.

A really beneficial prize to win.

Roseanne & Brian MichieCompetition Winner, Kingdom FM

Many thanks for your excellent customer service. Needless to say we have been very impressed with your customer service and of course the products.

Really pleased with the kitchen bulbs which might even be brighter than the old reflector bulbs.

We'll continue to sing your praises to our friends...

A Wallace

We contacted The Energy Saving Store for a home M.O.T. which was speedily and efficiently done. We were then advised to change the method of heating from old storage heaters to new highly efficient Elnur units with thermostatic controls as we could then utilise the off-peak electricity meter we have, and now we cannot believe the difference in the house it's amazing!

David explained to us simply that the house needed a new heart and boy was he right its so cosy now.

We are always wary of having installers on our property, but yet again as David was in control as he even took the time to come up to Brora from Munlochy to inspect the job as it progressed. The installers, led by Jack, were spotless, courteous and professional even hoovering up at completion - wonderful to know quality of workmanship is still out there.

We owe a well deserved thank you to Elnur Heaters' and the installers' 5 Star service. The heaters were installed in 24-36 hours and all old units disposed of.

David and The Energy Saving Store were 100% in control of the works, doing a perfect job and creating a 'new' home that we love. He even converted our lighting to LED bulbs, gratis, which will now use up to 90% less energy giving more amazing savings.

All in all a clean, fast and extremely efficient service.

Mr & Mrs WilliamsBrora

Wednesday morning I phoned David to ask about getting solar panels fitted to our house in Lochinver. Wednesday afternoon David came to see us and do an energy report on the house. Friday morning two workmen arrived to fit the panels onto the roof. Friday afternoon the electrician arrived and connected everything together. Saturday morning sunshine and loads of excess power going to the national grid, making money already. This must be the quickest installation on record. David is a star.

Satisfied CustomerLochinver

Fantastic. David and team have made me love my home again. Their advice was spot on about what the problems were. Craig (the boiler fitter/plumber) was a delight to have in my home. A good job all round.

Laura Moon

If you're thinking of changing the way you heat your home, or just want to reduce your energy bills then I'd strongly recommend you visit David Morrison at The Energy Saving Store, High Street Dingwall (01349 864910).

He has a wealth of knowledge and connections and will steer you through the process to get the right sustainable solution to suit you. He will assess your present heating and energy arrangements and can provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate, he will also guide you through the available grants and loans you can access, and can help you approach reliable companies for quotes to install new state of the art heating systems.

We contacted him in November 2021, and he managed to arrange for us a new Daikin Air Source Heat Pump with new radiators, installed by experts, by 20th January.

Andy RBlack Isle

Thanks for your kind invitation the other evening.

I found the various talks very informative which gave me a fuller understanding of the energy saving technology that is available and the remarkable cost savings that can be achieved. It was also great to know that at your centre you cater for all types of properties : industrial, commercial and domestic.

You obviously have spent numerous hours researching the latest and most efficient products on the market and they are all there for you to see and touch at your centre. It was pleasing also that the installers you have on your database are reliable, honest and trustworthy and I found them very easy to talk to.

I was also surprised to learn that government funding of up to £10,000 is available for many installations.

I will be spreading the word about the advice and services you offer and most of all it is time people woke up and educate themselves as the savings are very rewarding and not to be overlooked.

Colin FlemmingLandlord


After having The Energy Saving Store at our home (or David if you know him), we had led lighting in our home however the quality wasn't to Davids standards. After doing all the homes lights we are totally gobsmacked at the light he has brought into our home - it' s remarkable. We had an old strip light that took ages to get going guess what David had an LED replacement unbelievable difference.

We had a smart meter installed and they give you a little house monitor to see what's going on it hardly moves with all the lights on. David said leave lights on keeping burglars away we understand now as these lights use hardly any power. We cannot believe the difference.

Thanks The Energy Saving Store

A very happy Mr Ian and Mrs Sheonaid DuncanInshes, Inverness

As an elderly lady in her senior years I was unsure where and where to turn.

I was told of a company from Munlochy not far from me in Alness. The man there David has many awards for energy Efficiency including the Scottish Champion award. David popped up to see what I had it was old storage heaters I could not afford to change all of these so David identified the main culprit in my lounge and that was upgraded to an Elnur unit with thermostatic controls oh boy what a difference.

I am so glad David took control and organised a fantastic and fast service the lads were so good they all got a pot of my homemade jam each. The difference is unbelievable I phoned David one night saying the heater went off he explained as I had put on another the temperature was reached so it goes off very clever and saves energy.

I would certainly recommend The Energy Saving Store for anything they specialise in, Wow what a service.


I just wanted to write to say a huge thank you to you all at The Energy Saving Store.

The service I received was exceptional, especially given the very short time frame we were dealing with.

As you are in Scotland and we are in Devon, I doubted you'd even be able to find me a local Green Deal Report assessor, let alone turn the report around in less than 24 hours. How wrong I was, we spoke on a Monday afternoon, Rob the assessor was here Tuesday morning and by Tuesday afternoon I'd received the completed report and was able to submit our RHI claim which is now being processed by Ofgem.

It's so impressive that even though we are hundreds of miles away you were able to provide us with such efficient and fast service.

Sara Burnand

I think its important that I write to you after our visit last Thursday. To say I was blown away is an understatement. When you plugged in your magic box and hooked up to my electric meter to show the energy I was using was in itself a real eye opener. My kitchen as you know had a light bar with 4 bulbs 50w each therefore 200w usage which your magic box showed by switching them on and off.

The next part is what really blew me away. Firstly within minutes you changed all 4 bulbs and when we switched them on the first thing was the room was much much brighter then bringing me to my knees was the difference in energy usage 200w down to 12w WOW and the magic box proved it. I am still absolutely blown away.

We proceeded to do 2 bathrooms 500w down to 30w. Dining Room 300w down to 18w and lounge one 300w down to 18w. It is phenomenal and bearing in mind the bulbs give of much more light.

One big problem why are the government not shouting about this from the rooftops? Without your visit I would know nothing about this. Look forward to your next visit to save loads of energy and money. My driveway lights alone will come down from 600w to 36w and be much brighter.

Thanks again for one of the most interesting and money saving visits I have ever had.

Billy GrantInverness

Many thanks for your support over the last couple of months.

Your service has been fantastic - Through your recommendations (help with the Energy Savings Trust Loan & identifying a suitable PV installer) I have now installed a 7.2kW PV solar system and would highly recommend the company you suggested - R&A Renewable (previous PV suppliers would limit my request to a 4kW system only). I had concerns over the aesthetics, installing PV onto a Slate roof - but as you can see from the pictures I think that R&A provided a great service.

We installed the system which you recommended to provide free hot water as soon as we are generating more electricity than we are using! With your help we have replaced more than 100 different types of light bulbs to LED's a chore which I knew I needed to do, but kept putting off!

I'm looking forward to seeing reductions in my electricity bill and income from the FIT tariff - and believe that we have made a good long term investment based on your recommendations. I'm looking forward to your support as we consider the next steps to install a log burner and start to reduce the gas bill!


After approaching several other renewables companies in the summer we were struggling to have a time scale set for solar panels to be installed on our house. We contacted David at the Energy Saving Store on a separate matter and he visited us the following Sunday. We mentioned our attempts over the last six months to find a company who would install the panels.

He provided us with several solar alternatives that met our requirements, providing an in depth knowledge on the different products and what we could expect from them. He took measurements and provided us with quotes the following day. We settled on a system and two weeks later the installation team arrived - within six hours we were generating our own solar energy.

I would highly recommend David as a first stop for anyone considering solar panels or other renewables.

SatisfiedHighland, Jan 2019

I recently contacted David at the Energy saving store for a house mot / energy survey and to explain the details / drivers behind a previous EPC.

David was swift in his response and during his visit was most effective at explaining what options were open to me and showed his expertise in explaining what the 'drivers' were behind my EPC rating.

David impressed by quickly supplying further data which will allow me to make informed choices on the way forward.

My advice would be to get a Home MOT, giving the way forward to a more comfortable home, saving money on energy costs and be friendlier to the environment.

Well done and thank-you David and the energy saving store.


I applied to the Energy Saving Trust for a HEEPS loan and cashback towards a new boiler. It all seemed very straightforward until I needed to get a Green Deal Advice Report. Assessors it seems are few and far between and it seemed impossible to get the report in the time specified. One was fully booked for over a fortnight but he gave me David's phone number. I contacted David on Saturday morning and left a message. He responded immediately and was able to fit in a visit for an assessment the same day as he was in the area. The report was sent to me the following day and I was able to forward the reports on Monday. David was very helpful and all the paperwork is in now in place ready for the new boiler to be installed.

A satisfied customerFochabers

Thanks very much for all your help. You explained everything clearly and assessed the property thoroughly. Was pleased with how quickly you were able to arrange the quote for a boiler.

Work has now completed and I am on track to receive full cashback amounts for the lighting and boiler. Thank you.

G Dick

Replaced our old oil burner with an 11kw Hitachi air source heat pump also added solar panels 6kw, installation went well one snag after commissioning but was quickly sorted by John and Tony everything working great now just have to wait and see how much we will save with new system. David installed led lighting throughout our house as well.

Mr Gary Thomson

I wanted to upgrade my home near Lochinver with a modern, reliable heating system. I knew I wanted to move away from fossil fuels, but I was unfamiliar with the alternative technologies and how to choose the best option. So I contacted David at The Energy Saving Store in Dingwall. He came over, assessed my property, and explained the various alternatives. He then came up with a design concept and went on to manage the installation, using his trusted partners. I now have an air-to-water heat pump powered by roof-mounted solar panels with battery storage.

At the beginning of all this I was nervous and quite daunted at the prospect of committing to the new technology. But David's knowledge and enthusiasm provided all the reassurance I needed. I would certainly recommend anyone wanting to make the move away from fossil fuels to get in touch with David at The Energy Saving Broker.


The Energy Saving Store were very helpful in our application to the Energy Saving Trust - the service was prompt, providing clear and easy-to-understand advice.

Our assessor, David Morrison, was friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and most helpful in guiding us through the process and went the extra mile to help ensure our application was successful.

We would have no hesitation in recommending David and The Energy Saving Store.

R Bourne

The reason I wished to use [The Energy Saving Store's] services were twofold. Firstly to gain an EPC certificate for each let property and to see how he could improve the energy rating and reduce the carbon emissions.

After meeting with David he advised me to login in to the Energy Trust Scotland website and obtain a voucher for each of my let properties. Once on the website I completed and submitted to the Energy Trust a voucher for each property before printing a hard copy for retention.

David and his team then performed an EPC assessment on each property and then carried out energy saving measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation and fitting of LED bulbs etc. A subsequent EPC assessment was carried out and copied to myself. Both David and myself then signed of each voucher and submitted these to the Energy Trust.

Once each voucher is processed by the Energy Trust the fees paid to David and his team for their work was refunded to myself in full. Accordingly there was no cost to myself.

There is a time limit of 16 weeks between the initial submission and printing of the voucher to the Energy Trust and final submission of the signed voucher on completion of the works. This is ample time for David and his team to perform the energy savings measures and completing the initial and revised EPC assessments.

In summary I would recommend David and his team to any landlord given that each of my properties were improved and each tenant could look forward to reduced utility bills.

C FlemmingLandlord