An eco-friendly alternative

that's better for your pocket and the planet

The basic principle of storage heating is based on a more efficient use of power.

Through specialist thermal insulation materials, the device can be charged electrically at cheaper times, retaining and then spreading the heat more evenly and consistently over the whole day, rather than in bursts.

Not only is this more energy-efficient, over time it could save you pounds on your energy bills. And that, in turn, can improve your property's EPC rating.

You could get funding to replace your storage heaters

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Electric storage heaters can be found in many properties across Scotland. Unfortunately, some older models can be expensive to run and fail to provide sufficient heat to keep the whole home cosy.

That's where a replacement storage heater could prove to be an energy-efficient solution - and with The Energy Saving Store's help it doesn't have to cost the earth.

Enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient Quantum Storage Heater

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The Quantum Storage Heater is ideal for anyone looking for a replacement storage heater - or anyone seeking a greener alternative to traditional gas heating systems. Unlike older electric storage heater models, the Quantum retains its charge much more successfully, radiating heat for longer... saving you money on your energy bills.

Quantum storage heaters can be expensive, making it quite an outlay. The Dimplex Quantum is a less costly alternative, as is the Ecombi Elnur model. But whatever you pick, with The Energy Saving Store, you could secure Green Deal funding to help manage the cost.

Make the most of Elnur storage heating solutions

with The Energy Saving Store

There are many ways to make your property more energy-efficient - but it goes without saying that in Scotland, heating plays a pivotal role. That's where the quality, sustainability and safety record of the Gabarron range of storage heaters by Elnur can offer huge advantages for any property-owner.

Elnur storage heaters - discover the benefits of a trusted industry leader.

For over 40 years, Elnur has been a trusted name in heating, with its products currently in use in 35 countries across Europe. But for anyone looking to improve their property's energy-efficiency and boost its green credentials, it's the 100% safe and eco-friendly Gabarron range that catches the eye.

24/7 electric powered storage heating without the use of fossil fuels such as gas or diesel oil.

No fuel tanks or hydraulic circuits, reducing the risk of leaks.

A range of dynamic, static or combined storage heaters available.

Fully compatible with other renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power.

Rigorously tested in compliance with the strictest international standards.

Whatever your budget, The Energy Saving Store can help you: -

With Advice

As a fully qualified and approved Green Deal Assessor, we can advise you on whether a Quantum, Dimplex Quantum or Ecombi Elnur Storage Heater is right for your needs.

With EPCs

We can help you with a bespoke Green Deal report and up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property, which you'll need to apply for funding.

With Installation

If your funding application is successful, we can help you with the organisation of the installation of your Quantum, Dimplex Quantum or Ecombi Elnur Storage Heaters.

With Comfort

Then you can start enjoying the benefit of energy-efficient, greener heating, which you pay for through your electricity bills over time.

With Savings

Remember, with a more effective heating system, you'll waste less energy keeping your home cosy and warm, which will see your monthly bills go down.

Why pay over the odds for home heating? Try expert advice from a trusted Green Deal champion instead. Whether you're thinking of a Quantum, a Dimplex Quantum, an Ecombi Elnur, or just want to chat about energy-efficient heating options, get in touch!

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