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Domestic and Non-Domestic

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) - financial help towards the cost of installing and running an eco-efficient heating system - is one of many reasons to make your property's energy supply 'greener'.

But applying for the RHI is not always a 'done deal'. More and more people are having their RHI claims rejected or stalled, often due to a lack of comprehensive or accurate information on their property's energy-efficiency.

That's where the experts at The Energy Saving Store can help.

We're ready to take on any rejected RHI claim.

A rejected RHI claim is not the end of the line however. Here at The Energy Saving Store, we have an award-winning team in place, with the skills and experience to review your RHI claim and turn it into a watertight application.

We can: -

  • Review your RHI application in line with your property's specific energy needs.
  • Help with your EPC report and your MCS certification, both vital elements for any RHI claim.
  • Provide advice on getting installation cost estimates right - depending on the renewable technology that's right for your property, i.e. biomass boilers and stoves, ground and air source pumps or solar thermal panels.
  • Help you make sense of the joining rules and regulations (we're always up to speed on the latest legislation).

No fee until your new RHI claim is successful
(only on previously rejected claims).

The key to a successful RHI claim is getting an expert on your side. Relying on cheaper energy assessors will only cost you in the long run. So speak to the team at The Energy Saving Store today.

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