LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Our LED lighting is from a UK-based developer and manufacturer of LED lighting systems.

Modern and reliable lighting products with a wide range of applications.

All lamps are manufactured with aluminium sheet heat sink and constant currency (IC) driver.

That is why the life time of our LED lamps is 30 000 hours compared to other LEDs on the market with life times from 15 000 to a maximum of 25 000 hours.

50p Off Replacement Bulbs

50p Bulb Trade-In Scheme

Scotland's First light bulb recycling depot - only at our Dingwall Store

Here's a bright idea - and we think it could be a first for Scotland too. Simply bring your used / finished incandescent light bulbs down to the Energy Store in Dingwall and we'll give you 50p off any replacement eco-bulb (purchased from the store).

LED Lighting Comparison

Why throw old light bulbs away? Replace them for less with us...

Save Energy

Eco-bulbs are a great way to save energy and save money on bills.

Save The Planet

They're better for your pocket and the planet.


Recycle your bulbs with us and save on new ones.

Save Money

Get 50p off every replacement bulb.

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From lighting to heating to insulation... at the Energy Saving Store we have loads of ways to help you save energy and save money