Knauf Earthwool Insulation

For application in all areas from lofts to internal walls to underfloor

Quickly stop wasteful heat loss with an easy-to-install, planet-friendly solution.

100% tax-deductible for commercial property upgrades.

At the Energy Saving Store, we have years of experience when it comes to insulating properties – and with all types on insulation on the market. But when it comes to keeping things simple and straightforward, we believe you can't go wrong with Knauf Earthwool insulation – suitable for application in all areas from lofts to internal walls to underfloor.

The big benefits of choosing Knauf Earthwool Insulation: -

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For loft / roof area, underfloor and internal wall insulation, many options are open to you – it all depends on the nature of the job, the space, and the property you're insulating. But for a simple and straightforward insulation choice you can depend on, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend using Knauf Earthwool insulation (150-200mm rolls). A quality product.

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Eco-friendlier insulation

As a green champion, I’ve worked with many types of insulation material over the years. But I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend keeping it simple with 150-200mm rolls of Knauf.

David MorrisonFounder and Owner, The Energy Saving Store