Be More Energy Effiecient

With a retrofit from the experts at The Energy Saving Store

Reduce your energy bills for good.

Sounds too good to be true? Not if you start taking back control of your home's energy costs – and make those year-on-year increases in bills a thing of the past.

Embrace the future by making your home energy-efficient.

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To many, the idea of an energy-efficient home (and smaller bills) is a no-brainer. But doing it for real seems a challenge - all those costs and practicalities. That’s where the experts at The Energy Saving Store can make things easy.

Here's how we can help.

  • Our fully qualified Green Deal Assessors can visit your home and provide a range of tailored energy-efficiency recommendations for your property
  • We can then put that into a report and help you apply for any Green Deal funding or grants that are available to reduce your up-front costs
  • We can also arrange for quick and efficient installation of the approved energy-efficiency measures, so you can start saving on your bills
  • Energy-efficient measures you introduce will improve your property's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) adding value to your home

Give up expensive fossil fuels for good.

Moving from inefficient energy to a greener energy-efficient home is not just about reducing your energy bills. It's also about taking back control of your home, freeing you from the burdensome fossil fuels of the past. Make this the year you ring the changes, go 'green' and save money on your energy bills.

Your 'one-stop-shop' for an energy-efficient home.

Trust The Energy Saving Store to help you take your home forward to the future.

For any homeowner or property-owner, staying on top of home maintenance is par for the course. But now, that should mean more than a lick of paint of a bit of DIY; energy-efficiency is a crucial part of the mix. Lower bills, cosier home and a better outcome for the planet... and it can all be easily achieved with The Energy Saving Store.

We can help you make the most of green energy technologies.

Turning your home's energy 'green' doesn’t mean becoming an eco-warrior. The reality is, replacing old heating, hot water and lighting with energy-efficient systems is just basic common sense and could save you serious money. In the past we all relied on dirty fossil fuels like coal, right now most of us still use a mix of gas, oil and electric - but now, with our help, you can enjoy the benefits of smarter, money-saving energy technologies.

Be first to embrace the change - we're you're one-stop-shop for...

  • Energy-efficient heating from leading brands such Mitsubishi Ecodan, Dimplex and Eldur PLUS the new cutting edge Curv Infrared heating
  • Eco-friendly solar power energy from brands like Sunpower
  • LED lighting and solar battery storage systems
  • We can also assist with energy-efficient glazing and insulation, including the state-of-the-art Lapolla™ spray foam insulation
  • Remember, as a qualified Green Deal Assessor, The Energy Saving Store can also take care of your EPC report and application for any Government Green Deal funding

Declare your independence from the Big Six and their price rises!

At The Energy Saving Store, we believe the best home is one that is freed from the endless round of price rises associated with traditional energy suppliers. Isn't it time you made the switch to an energy-efficient home and enjoyed the big benefits it offers.

FREE Full replacement LED Lighting with every installation of energy-efficient measures in your home (subject to product availability).

Future Proof

What's the future for energy-efficient homes? Ask The Energy Saving Store.

You don't need to glued to the news to know global warming and climate change are big issues for the world. But whatever your view on the science of it, you can't deny one thing: governments across the globe are taking action to cut carbon emissions and offering big incentives to create an energy-efficient home.

Future-proof your home by getting a 'green' retrofit from The Energy Saving Store.

The Scottish Government is currently on track to hit its emission targets. But at The Energy Saving Store we believe that, as well as being the right thing to do, that's good news for consumers too. For a start, there's still plenty of government funding available to help you make your home energy-efficient - and it will save you money too.

The big consumer benefits of an energy-efficient home:

  • You are no longer reliant or dependent on old fossil fuel (gas or oil-based) for your home energy needs
  • You can free yourself from the endless round of prices rises from the usual suspects...after all, why line their pockets?
  • You can use smarter green technologies to create a cosier, more cost-effective home
  • You can add value to your home by improving its energy-efficient rating on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • You can get funding - and help to claim it - up front with the help of the professionals at The Energy Saving Store, trust us to guide you through it

Let our professional team help you get ahead of the game.

At The Energy Saving Store, our experts have their finger on the pulse of new green energy-efficient technologies - and how you can take advantage of funding too. Better still, we can mix and match, for example using heat pumps in conjunction with solar panels, to maximise your home's energy-efficiency and slash your bills.

Don't put it off - choose The Energy Saving Store and join the energy-efficient revolution.

Whether you want to arrange a Green Deal assessment or just want a chat about how to make your home energy-efficient, the team at The Energy Saving Store are ready to help.

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