What Makes our German Clay Core Heaters so Special?

There's a lot of information to absorb and remember when researching our heaters, this is just a reminder of some of the many key benefits.

Superb Heat Output

The unique combination of both radiated (straight line) and convected heat ensures a cosy and comfortable room environment, even in the depths of winter! The pronounced flutes ensure a huge surface area to maximise the radiated heat.

Low Running Costs

These heaters can use less than half the power of storage heaters for a given room size. German test have shown the retained heat within the refractory clay core means they can use as as little as seventeen minutes of electricity per hour operating in a reasonably well insulated environment.


The combination of top quality electronic German thermostat with wall timer, ensures absolute control over your heating and energy use. Heater will not come on and waste money if the ambient room temperature is above that set on the thermostat.

Flexible fixing

Heaters can be on castors, on feet or fixed to the wall. Wall fixing kit supplied free for possible future wall fixing along with feet or castors.


Multitude of sizes, length and height ensures the correct heater for your needs irrespective of power requirement.


Simply 'plug in' ensures there is no mess or hassle.

Clean running

The simplicity of the system means there is never any mess, no leaking pipes, no pollution, no smells and no soot or ash.


Clean lines and traditional look with over 200 different colours available if required.


Our radiators are guaranteed for an incredible five years and the thermostat for two. There are no moving parts in these radiators which helps ensure they just go on and on... another example of German engineering at its best.


Our ongoing policy of keeping our operating costs tightly controlled, combined with our two Scottish bases in Elgin and Glasgow mean we can give you the best possible prices for these heaters. We are not aware of ever being beaten on price for these type of heaters!

Storage Heaters and THTC (Total Heating Total Control)

Lack of control and high running costs are the most often quoted reason for people wanting to move away from storage heating. Our heaters will give better heat output and save money due to their lower relative power requirements and controllability. Also remember if you are on a white meter you will also be paying much more (about 22% with THTC) for your standard electricity than your neighbour who is not using storage heaters.

Conservatories & Extensions

Many people only use their conservatories in the summer and forget about them in the winter due to the cold. You don't need to do that anymore! Our powerful heaters (special low level if required for low cills), ensure you can enjoy your conservatory all year round!

Extensions are often difficult and expensive to connect into your existing heating system. Our heaters are the answer... just plug in... job done!

Central Heating

If you have a perfectly good working central heating system then don't change it! Perhaps consider supplementing it with one of our heaters to increase your off period during the summer. If its on it last legs then its worth considering our system You would save on servicing & running costs and would only be using one energy source instead of two (Remember gas & oil systems also use electric to run the pump and electronics)!

Solar Panels / Wind Generators

If you have a source free energy you might as well use it. Our heaters are ideal for this.

Heating Facts

LPG ( Calor etc), is the most expensive form of heating.

Oil is next, then storage heaters and natural gas. Our heating will compare favourably with any heating system on running costs.

REMEMBER! You buy heating once... you pay to run it forever, so make sure it is efficient and economical to run.

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