The Green Deal Advice Report

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What is a GDAR?

The Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) is made up of information collected during your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) visit - including the EPC document itself. It is an essential requirement for anyone in the market to sell or rent a property. It's valid for 10 years and something you need to take care of.

What's in the GDAR?

As we've said, the GDAR comprises a range of information. It includes: -

  • your EPC, which includes your property’s energy-efficiency rating
  • an occupancy assessment, created by the EPC assessor, that measures how much energy you and other occupiers are using
  • improvements your assessor recommends
  • an estimate of the money you could save on your annual energy bills
  • a statement on whether the improvements will pay for themselves through reduced energy costs

Why is the GDAR important?

As we all know, a greener home can be a cheaper home to run. And if you want to carry out work to increase your property's energy-efficiency rating by making eco-friendly improvements, a GDAR is vital. You'll need it when applying for: -

  • Green Deal Finance
  • Green Homes Cashback
  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Home Energy Renewables Incentive and other Govt-backed initiatives
  • Home Energy (Scotland) Loan

IMPORTANT: Applying for a HEEPs or Home Renewable Interest-Free Loan? You may need to claim an RHI from Ofgem - and you'll need an EPC or GDAR. We can advise you and help you claim with a foolproof, properly 'scored' report.

How can I get help with GDAR?

At The Energy Saving Store, we have years of experience and expertise in dealing with the process of securing your GDAR, from arranging an initial EPC assessment onwards. Contact us today to get the ball rolling…and get it sorted!

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