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Ask us about Duracell Energy Bank: a smart way to energy-efficiency

Managing your energy use is the key to running a smarter household - not to mention a greener one! There are many ways to do that - and those now include the compact, reliable and highly energy-efficient Duracell Energy Bank. If you're looking for a smarter way to store and control your energy use, look no further.

Big energy storage benefits in a small lightweight package

The Duracell Energy Bank is an energy storage solution that uses smart technology to help you store, monitor, balance and control your energy. And while this unique system may be small, it can make a big impact...

  • 3kVA / 3kWh household energy storage solution
  • Small, lightweight system is easy to install and maintain
  • Uses a BMS real-time monitoring system for added reliability
  • Balance meter mode can reduce the electricity bought from the grid
  • High power, high density and high conversion efficiency
  • Duracell LiFe PO4 battery at its heart - stable, green and long-lasting

Emergency power when you need it

with the Duracell Energy Bank

A reliable energy supply is something we take for granted. But having a back-up is always a good idea. The Energy Bank has an Emergency Mode to supply power when you are off-grid or during power outages (e.g. during a bad storm).

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