Take advantage of Cürv: revolutionary infrared heating for your home

15yr warranty for extra peace of mind

Technology moves fast these days. But when it comes to heating your home, next generation solutions are not just some pipe dream... because Cürv Infrared is a smarter way to heat your home, available right here, right now in the UK. It sounds futuristic, but its many benefits are easy to understand - and enjoy.

Smarter, simpler and cheaper... so many benefits with Cürv Infrared

Curv Infrared have so many potential benefits for you and your home, it's hard to know where to start. But let's start with the basics... what is infrared heating?

  • Infrared heating works like the sun, heating solid objects and the fabric of a building and then radiating the resultant heat back around your home.
  • The infrared heating process you get with Cürv provides a more even heat distribution across every room, preventing the onset of mould or damp.
  • Infrared also delivers a more consistent even heat at lower temperatures compared to conventional electric heaters, reducing energy usage and bills.
  • The Cürv Infrared system is easy-to-install and maintenance-free (the solid state element inside which delivers a super-quick and responsive heat-up.

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Easy-to-install and maintenance-free

Power and flexibility... with Cürv Infrared intelligent smart controls

With Curv Infrared heating, you are the boss - and not only because can you stay on top of your heating bills. Here's just a few of the ways it puts you in control: -

Safe and reliable... that's the beauty of Cürv Infrared functionality

As well as being a great way to heat your home more efficiently, the Cürv Infrared system has other big advantages for your peace of mind.


15 year warranty included (see manufacturer for details)


Child-lock function to fix surface temperature for use in nurseries etc.


'Open Window' sensing detects temp drop to prevent energy wastage.

Improve your home environment with Cürv Infrared heating

We've already described the key benefits of Cürv Infrared heating here. But there's more to this revolutionary home heating innovation than meets the eye. Because it has some unique advantages you'll struggle to find with more conventional heating systems. From its appearance to your own well-being.

Neat, slick and beneficial... that's the Cürv Infrared heating effect

From the off, Cürv is a hassle-free choice. Swift and easy installation, easy to control, beautiful in situ and it even may has associated health benefits.

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15 year warranty included

Mirror mirror on the wall... who's the fairest heating of them all?

Heating technology and build has come a long long way since the old cast-iron radiators of old. Some like that retro look - but if you want something slicker, you'll love Cürv Infrared systems. They offer some beautifully creative solutions.

Cürv Mirror

The Cürv Mirror is perfect for a bathroom, concealing its infrared technology behind a slim (anti-fog) mirrored unit that blends into your room effortlessly.

Cürv Towel Rail

As the name suggests, this is another perfect model for the bathroom or shower-room. Slim, quiet and made with toughened glass... and with its own heated rail.

Cürv Flat

This slim rectangular wall unit is perfect for medium-sized rooms, where it can provide low power consumption heat, with safety functionality built in.

From the off, Cürv is a hassle-free choice. Swift and easy installation, easy to control, beautiful in situ and it even may has associated health benefits.

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Speak to our team today to get full technical specifications and further info on the revolutionary Cürv Infrared system. We can advise you as to whether it's right for your needs or not. Making sure you choose wisely is our main aim.

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