Battery Storage

The smarter way to consistently power your home

In developed countries, we take a consistent energy supply for granted. But it's not unknown for power cuts to happen (extreme weather events are no stranger to Scotland ). That's where harnessing and storing power using your own battery storage devices like the Duracell Energy Bank at home makes perfect sense. And we're ready to help you...

Start harnessing the power, start enjoying the benefits

Fitting a storage battery in conjunction with any home energy system will ensure you make the very most of your power source, every minute of every day.

An ideal way to make the most of renewable electricity: -

  • Store electricity through the day when you're out and about, and use it later in evening
  • Any electricity stored can be saved and used in the event of a power outage or power cut
  • Reduce your bills, lower your carbon emissions, PLUS you can also get up front funding from Energy Saving Trust
  • Up to 16kWH capacity, but you can create extra capacity using bespoke systems - speak to The Energy Saving Store about your options
  • But a typical 4kWH system can store a fair amount of energy; enough to power a kettle 37 times

Enjoy interest-free Energy Saving Trust funding for your battery

As an eco-friendly means to power your home, storage batteries qualify for upfront funding from the Energy Saving Trust. And we can help you apply.

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